Wednesday, July 18, 2012

That Age Old Adage...

Do you remember the saying "Sick and tired of being sick and tired...?"

I used to think only people that were too melodramatic would utilize this phrase...and now, here I am seeing exactly what they meant.

I've loved and lost.  Been loved and didn't want it.  The pursuer and the pursu-ee and everything else in between.

Frankly, I'm tired.

Life after 25 is a new experience.  Your eyes start seeing what your gut was telling you from the beginning.  You start taking your every day experiences seriously and you don't always feel like you are invincible and on top of the world  (Remember 18 :)).

I feel like I keep asking my self questions like "When is my life going to start?"  "Is this all there is for me?"  Eventually you have to wonder if maybe you should be doing something to change your life, your perspective.  And then there's the "What the hell am I supposed to be doing?"

My job is a job that pays bills.
Dating is a migraine.
Finances cause a Crohn's outbreak.

I'm not doing what I want/need/crave/purposed to be doing...

SingleGirl Dilemmas


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