Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The "Weight-ing" Game

"I'm not really into heavy lifting tonight..."

This lovely little comment has been ringing through my head since Friday evening after a pretty spectacular "Girl's Night Out."

Ironically, every time I go out, I'm reminded of what little confidence I have in my own skin.  Regardless of how much weight I lose or keep, I will never be a size 0...nor would I want to be.  I enjoy my curves and I like how the silhouette of my body looks in a ncie pair of jeans.

Now I run into the problem of waiting for someone who not only appreciates my personality but also that "silhouette" in or out of a nice pair of jeans :).

So now, as a woman, I'm trying to figure out the balance between being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle for myself or losing weight for the attention of ignorant men like the one made the lovely comment listed above...

To Be Continued


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