Saturday, October 1, 2011

My First Quarter...

I had an epiphany today.  I am coming to the end of the first quarter of my life and I am amazed at how much I have learned.  From birth to the age of 21, I think we have a tendency to feel we are unstoppable.  Nothing can touch us and if something bad does happen, we bounce right back.  Once I reached my senior year in undergrad, I began to realize that this mentality is not real...

I started seeing the world with a different perspective.  I was now an adult and I was now fending for myself.  Instead of depending on my parents, I had to start depending on God and my abilities to live my life.  Somewhere during this outlook of my life, I forgot my worth.  I forgot that I was priceless.  I forgot that I deserve to be treated with respect and loved in spite of my faults and weaknesses.

This entire year, I feel like I have completely turned my life around.  God had to allow the bad things to happen so the blinders would come off and I could see who and what was in front of me without bias.  I'm still pushing forward and upward even though I still have struggles. For the first time in my life, I am happy...even when I am sad or angry, I can't stay in this emotional state for very long.  I am genuinely joyful in the present moments and happy to know that God has my future laced with bright here's to the next Quarter!!


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