Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quarter-Life Crisis: Now What?

Kin and I celebrating my 25th Birthday

The onset of my friend, Cass', quarter birthday has caused me to reflect on my 25th year as it is coming to a close in the next few months.  This year has been hard and emotionally stressful.  However, despite all that has transpired, I can't bring myself to change anything.  These life lessons had a purpose and I hope I am doing them justice.  I am truly thankful for a loving God, family and friends that have helped me through these last several months.  I finally walked away from an aspect in my life that did nothing but hinder me and my future. It hurt like hell and to some degree it still hurts now, but nine months later, I can actually breathe again.  I can smile again.  More than anything, I see the positive over the negative majority of the time.  I didn't realize how much this toxic "thing" affected my life...

I'm finally obtaining the opportunities to indulge in my passion, my music.  I'm beginning to feel whole in my life and I'm nowhere near where I am supposed to be.  Even on a bad day, I can smile, laugh and just be joyful.

Instead of asking what's wrong people are wondering why I smile so much.  It's truly uplifting...

I'm now at the point where I am excited about life...so now what?  This is the question every other week that takes over my thought process.  I'm not really anxious or having a panic attack, but I'm just interested to see what this next chapter in my life will bring.  What is life like on the other side of 25 when you're single, no kids, no relationship, and still trying to carve your niche in this world?

Inquiring minds, or just me, would love some insight...


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